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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Consistent Infrastructure, Consistent Operations


So many applications. So many data center, cloud and edge environments. With IT responsible for them all. You want IT to be fast and efficient, without changing your existing tools, people and processes.


VMware has the hybrid cloud solutions that enable you to build and operate your hybrid environment with the same foundation you use today in your data center.

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Hybrid Cloud 101




What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is the new operating model for IT, but it also creates new challenges.

Many new applications will be deployed to public cloud. Many existing applications will be migrated to public cloud. But not all of them.

How will you manage a mix of VM- and container-based applications, deployed across a mix of data center, public cloud and edge? 

You need a hybrid cloud foundation that delivers consistent infrastructure and consistent operations wherever workloads are deployed.

what is a hybrid cloud




What is VMware Hybrid Cloud?

VMware hybrid cloud delivers a consistent foundation for your digital business.

VMware hybrid cloud is based on VMware Cloud Foundation, which delivers virtualized and software-defined data center (SDDC) technology everywhere you manage workloads.

You get a single operating model for all of your applications, based on the most proven and widely deployed cloud infrastructure in the world. 

hybrid cloud architecture




Why VMware Hybrid Cloud?

By deploying VMware Cloud Foundation everywhere, you can manage infrastructure and applications in the cloud, with the same tools, teams, skills, policies and standards that you use today in the data center.

And VMware is committed to solutions that make sure you can support modern applications now and in the future.

You love VMware in the data center. You'll love it in the cloud.

hybrid cloud architecture

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud creates new digital possibilities, opening the door to cost-effective scalability, flexibility and modernization. Save money. Increase speed and agility. Make your digital business a success.


  • Application developers can focus on business needs and developing software features, without worrying too much about underlying infrastructure.
  • The IT organization can choose where to deploy workloads, guided by a combination of business and technology requirements.
  • When business priorities change, IT can quickly respond and shift workloads without being locked into a particular environment.


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Use Cases for Hybrid Cloud 

Migrate to Cloud

Move existing workloads with speed and confidence.

Use the VMware tools and infrastructure you already know to migrate applications freely between environments—without the cost, complexity or risk of refactoring apps.

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migrate to cloud
scale on demand

Scale on Demand

Access the capacity you need, when you need it.

Tap cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery, or to scale up and down to meet spikes in demand—without disruption, unnecessary cost or complexity.

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Extend Hybrid Cloud Operations

Use the same tools, processes and policies wherever workloads are deployed.

Get a single IT operating model for VM and container workloads—to increase business agility, cut costs and reduce risk everywhere applications are deployed.

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Extend Hybrid Cloud Operations
Modernize the Data Center

Modernize the Data Center

Transform IT infrastructure to be a holistic, software-defined and integrated platform.

Unify and manage infrastructure silos together—to reduce complexity, control costs and increase agility as you deliver cloud-compatible services.

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VMware Products for Private Cloud

VMware Cloud Foundation

Get a software-defined foundation for private, hybrid and pubic cloud, with unified support for traditional (VM) or containerized applications.

HCI Powered by VMware vSAN

Extend virtualization investments with the market-leading HCI solution, a key building block for VMware Cloud Foundation.

VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC

Deploy VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC hardware, delivered and maintained as a fully-managed service.

VMware Products for Public Cloud

VMware Cloud on AWS

Accelerate your hybrid cloud with consistent vSphere-based infrastructure, delivered on AWS, the world’s leading public cloud.

Azure VMware Solutions

Use a fully native VMware cloud infrastructure solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Google Cloud VMware Solution

Run VMware workloads on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing flexibility for on-premises, hybrid or Google Cloud.

Related Hybrid Cloud Solutions

VMware Cloud Verified Partners

Choose from Cloud Providers that offer VMware validated services compatible with any VMware Cloud Foundation deployment.

VMware Cloud Marketplace

Explore a rich ecosystem of third-party solutions and services, as well as Bitnami-validated and packaged applications, designed and tested to run on VMware Cloud Foundation.

Software-Defined Data Center

Discover the industry-leading technologies that deliver best-in-class virtualized compute, storage and networking with comprehensive cloud management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Cloud 



What is a software-defined data center (SDDC)?

The VMware SDDC is a best-in-class architecture for virtualized compute, storage and networking with comprehensive cloud management. VMware Cloud Foundation, along with our public cloud solutions like VMware Cloud on AWS, are based on this SDDC.

Why is consistent infrastructure important?

The hybrid cloud model is the most common cloud strategy. But hybrid cloud challenges and complexities increase significantly when IT teams must manage resources across dissimilar data center, cloud and edge environments.

VMware hybrid cloud, based on the idea of deploying VMware Cloud Foundation everywhere, creates a consistent environment that simplifies and streamlines hybrid cloud.?

What is the benefit of consistent operations?

By using the same tools, processes and policies across the data center, cloud and edge, you can automate, optimize and secure infrastructure and applications more easily and faster than if your hybrid cloud is based on siloed, dissimilar technology.?




What are the advantages of deploying VMware Cloud Foundation everywhere?

VMware Cloud Foundation is based on a VMware software-defined data center and is the foundation for VMware private and public cloud solutions. By deploying workloads on top of the same SDDC-based virtual infrastructure stack everywhere, you get the benefits of a simplified hybrid cloud, including improved IT efficiency and increased agility to support digital business goals.

How is cloud migration simplified with VMware?

Traditional on-premises applications do not always perform optimally in cloud environments. As a result, businesses have to spend significant time, money and resources rebuilding applications, without assurance that applications will function as needed. With VMware Cloud Foundation everywhere, you can seamlessly migrate your applications across environments, without refactoring or re-architecting workloads. Plus, you can save significant operating costs.

VMware hybrid cloud, based on the idea of deploying VMware Cloud Foundation everywhere, creates a consistent environment that simplifies and streamlines hybrid cloud.?

Why is hybrid cloud important to business?

Business is increasingly digital. That means IT must be more flexible and provide more choice to best meet new and complex needs. Hybrid cloud allows both developers and IT to work with the flexibility they need to optimize how they support the business.?


Continue Your Multi-Cloud Journey 


multi cloud

Multi-Cloud Operations

Easily maintain visibility and control of cloud cost, usage, security and governance—even across different cloud environments.

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App modernization

App Modernization

Speed up the process you use to build, run and manage all your applications across any cloud.

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