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Consume?Kubernetes Across Clouds



Take Command of Every Kubernetes Cluster Across Every Cloud

Enterprises are enthusiastic about Kubernetes, and it’s not hard to see why—according to our research, early adopters are driving greater resource efficiency and shortening development cycles.

To realize that potential, you need a partner that can help you get started with Kubernetes in your existing environment and offer the flexibility to operate across multi-cloud environments. You need the cloud independence, consistency and confidence offered by VMware.

State of Kubernetes Report

Why VMware for Kubernetes?


Enable Developer Self-Service on Any Infrastructure

Move away from ticket-based systems and empower developers to access resources on demand through the native Kubernetes API.

Automate Operations Across Clouds

Move to declarative, API-based workflows for consistent day 2 management of clusters running on vSphere, in public clouds and at the edge.

Enforce Security and Compliance Policies

Ensure that both your infrastructure and the workloads deployed on it are secure and ready for production.

Maintain Cloud Optionality

Need to migrate applications or data to another cloud? With VMware Tanzu, you can ensure your workloads are all backed up and fully portable.


Boost Application Resiliency and Availability

Configure and manage deployment environments that span multiple clouds, so that your developers can deliver more resilient applications.

Align With a Global Open-Source Community

Run your business on industry-leading open-source technologies and benefit from the innovation and support of the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Capitalize on Kubernetes 


Start with Your Existing vSphere Infrastructure

The vast majority of enterprise workloads already run on vSphere. Now those workloads can benefit from Kubernetes’ APIs and efficiencies without you having to write any code or integrate any new technologies. vSphere with Kubernetes includes VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid as an embedded Kubernetes runtime that enables you to provision clusters right from vCenter.

Explore vSphere with Kubernetes 

Extend Kubernetes Across Public Clouds and Edge

For consistent deployment and operations across on-premises, public clouds and edge, VMware offers Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, our ubiquitous Kubernetes runtime. It is built on and aligned with industry-standard open-source technologies, packaged for enterprise adoption, and supported by VMware, so you can operate at scale and power portability across environments.

Learn More About Tanzu Kubernetes Grid  Tanzu Application Catalog 

Take Control of All Your Kubernetes Clusters

As your Kubernetes footprint grows from tens to hundreds and even thousands of clusters across environments, Tanzu Mission Control offers you a single command center. Provision new clusters or attach and manage existing clusters—applying consistent policy and security across groups of clusters that span environments. Gain that multi-cloud independence and scale operations with Tanzu Mission Control.

Learn More About Tanzu Mission Control 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is VMware Tanzu?

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services that transform how enterprises build and operate modern applications on Kubernetes.?

How can my organization get started with Kubernetes?

The best place to start is with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, which offers a common Kubernetes core that is embedded in vSphere and easy to deploy and operate across public clouds and edge.?

Can VMware Tanzu products run on environments that aren’t on vSphere?

Yes. The VMware Tanzu portfolio is cloud and platform independent. We believe you should be able to run your workloads on the environment of your choice. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid offers a first-class implementation of Kubernetes through familiar tools like vCenter, but it can also be consistently deployed and operated across any public cloud and at the edge.??

Can VMware Tanzu Mission Control manage clusters that live outside of VMware environments?

Yes. Tanzu Mission Control can provision new Kubernetes clusters on vSphere or public cloud, and you can attach and manage any conformant Kubernetes cluster. Tanzu Mission Control lets you manage policy and security for your entire Kubernetes footprint, regardless of where it resides.?

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