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Evolve Existing Apps



Explore a Modern Software Supply Chain

The move to cloud computing is causing a shift in application architecture. Consequently, many enterprises are evolving business apps tethered to inflexible stacks that don’t support automation.

VMware has a proven, pragmatic method to accelerate your app modernization. First, we help you adopt Kubernetes and container technologies. Then, we collaborate with your team to evolve your applications and deliver lasting change with a modern software supply chain.

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Why Evolve Existing Apps with VMware Tanzu?


Modernize Complex Legacy Applications in Weeks, Not Months

We’ll start with targeted analysis to determine an ideal set of apps with low technical risk and high business value.


Sunset Legacy Licensing Costs and Align IT Budget with Innovation

Retire proprietary application servers in favor of cloud offerings based on widely adopted open-source projects.


Automate the Path to Production for Quicker Release Cycles

Transition monolithic systems into microservices that can boost feature velocity across your development organization.


Establish Patterns for Subsequent Migrations

As we move those revamped apps into production, you’ll build a cookbook of patterns to streamline and accelerate future migrations.


Improve Your Security Posture with Zero?Downtime Patching

Identify gaps in your infrastructure lifecycle and replace manual processes with automation to reduce risk.

Three Elements of a Modern Software Supply Chain 


Kubernetes Runtime

Your modern software supply chain starts with Kubernetes, the orchestration system that runs your containerized apps atop virtual machines. Your chosen runtime should conform to upstream open-source standards and include cluster lifecycle management.

Explore Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 

Production-level Monitoring and Logging Services for Kubernetes

Once you’ve got a reliable Kubernetes runtime on your clouds of choice, you’ve completed the first step. Now, it’s time to connect logging, monitoring, and ingress services to your deployment. Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Grafana, and NGINX are popular tools for these tasks.

Grab Components with Tanzu Application Catalog 

Container-friendly Build and Deployment Tooling

To deliver your code to production regularly, you’ll need code stored in source control, like Subversion or GitLab. Then, you’ll need a way to build a container from your source control, and to deploy the container to your production environment running Kubernetes.

Read the State of Kubernetes 2020 Report 

VMware Products to Help You Evolve Existing Apps

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Operate a ubiquitous Kubernetes runtime that is embedded in vSphere and operable across private cloud, public cloud, and edge; all with complete consistency.

Tanzu Build Service

Build containers from source code repeatably and reliably. Automate container creation, management, and governance at enterprise scale.

Pivotal Labs

Create a proven and lasting strategy for your application migration. Pivotal Labs teaches you how to modernize your most business-critical apps and make impactful architectural improvements.

Tanzu Application Catalog

Empower your developers with a curated selection of Bitnami open source containers, built on your custom operating system images, that are verifiably secured, tested, and maintained.


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Consume Kubernetes Across Clouds

Make the best use of Kubernetes across environments—on premises, public cloud or edge—and deploy and operate with consistency.

Build Cloud-Native Apps

Build applications with VMware to integrate cloud-native principles and accelerate your development process.