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Build, Run and Manage Any App on Any Cloud with Application Modernization

Optimize Your Approach to App Modernization 

Build Cloud-Native Apps

It might start with just an idea for an application. Our designers and engineers work alongside your development team from concept to code to production. We’ll use agile development methods to deliver an application that makes the best use of microservices and APIs.

Build applications with VMware to integrate cloud-native principles and accelerate your development process.

Learn How We Can Build Together


Evolve Existing Apps

Identifying the right strategy to break apart an existing, monolith application can be challenging. We’ll guide the move to microservices and implement a modern software supply chain to establish a repeatable process.

Drive velocity by making off-the-shelf components readily available to your teams in a curated, customized, and secure form, and then introduce more automation to improve the developer experience.

Explore a Modern Software Supply Chain

Run and Manage Kubernetes in Multiple Clouds

Modern applications require modern infrastructure. Make the best use of Kubernetes across environments—on premises, public cloud or edge—and deploy and operate with consistency.

Our ubiquitous Kubernetes runtime is fully aligned to open source, and our control plane enables you to manage policy and security for all your Kubernetes clusters from a single command center.

Get to Know the VMware Tanzu Portfolio

More About VMware for Kubernetes


VMware Products for App Modernization

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Ubiquitous Kubernetes runtime embedded in vSphere and operable across on-premises, public cloud and edge environments with total consistency.

Tanzu Application Service

Application runtime optimized for Spring and Spring Boot and providing native Windows and .NET support, with turnkey microservices, operations and security.

Tanzu Mission Control

Single point of control to provision or attach and manage comprehensive policies for all of your Kubernetes clusters.

Tanzu Application Catalog

Curated and customized implementation of the Bitnami Community Catalog to speed development with base images that are maintained, tested and secured

vSphere with Kubernetes

Unified platform for all your containers and virtual machines, offering familiar tools for operators and self-service access to resources for developers.

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

Enterprise observability for your entire stack – from infrastructure to application – to drive insights, decisions and actions across your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu 



What is VMware Tanzu?

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services that transform how enterprises build and operate modern applications on Kubernetes.?

How can VMware help my organization build modern apps?

VMware Tanzu provides the technologies to build a modern software supply chain, as well as the services and expertise to help you build a new cloud native application and modernize existing applications.

How can my organization get started with Kubernetes?

The best place to start is with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, which offers a common Kubernetes core that is embedded in vSphere and easy to deploy and operate across public clouds and edge.?



How is VMware Tanzu aligned to open-source technologies?

VMware Tanzu is grounded in open source, and makes best use of Kubernetes and ecosystem technologies. Releases are closely aligned to upstream distributions of open-source software, packaged for enterprise adoption, and supported by VMware.


How does VMware Tanzu account for rapid changes in cloud native infrastructure?

VMware Tanzu is inherently multi-cloud, offering you the flexibility to run modern applications on Kubernetes across on-premises, public clouds and edge.


How does VMware Tanzu work with other Kubernetes distributions?

It’s easy to integrate VMware Tanzu with other Kubernetes distributions. VMware Tanzu Mission Control delivers a single point of control for all your Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where they reside. This allows you to simplify the way you provision, manage and apply policies to your clusters.

Continue Your Multi-Cloud Journey 


Hybrid Cloud

Leverage the same VMware infrastructure foundation everywhere, including private cloud, public cloud and edge environments.

Explore Hybrid Cloud Solutions 
multi cloud

Multi-Cloud Operations

Easily maintain visibility and control of cloud cost, usage, security and governance—even across different cloud environments.

Discover Multi-Cloud Operations